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Metro Welcomes Hatred Convictions

23rd January 2012

Metro has welcomed the country's first convictions for stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation under new criminal laws. In a case heard at Derby County Court three men have been convicted for distributing threatening leaflets calling for the execution of homosexuals.

The charity has a long history of working with victims of hate crime and has recently launched a Hate Crime Support Service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people across South London providing counselling and peer mentoring. Metro is also convening a community action group to work with the LGBT community to look at hate crime prevention strategies.

Marguerite McLaughlin, Metro Chief Executive said:
'This case sends out a clear and essential message that hateful propaganda targeted at lesbians and gay men is illegal and that criminal law will come down on those who seek to perpetrate it. Through our work with many victims of hate crime we know what impact these sorts of materials can have on people's personal safety and how the kind of hatred that leads to violence can be enflamed. These convictions demonstrate a commitment within the criminal justice system to tackle homophobic hatred on all levels which will serve to help us all feel safer. Metro urges vigilance toward all types of hate crime - in word or deed, and we encourage people to come forward to community organisations or the police to report such crimes."

For all media queries:
Patricia Durr, Head of Communications & PR, 020 8305 5000 x136, 07912515397

Notes to Editors:
1. The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 extended the criminal offences of incitement to hatred on the grounds of race and religion to sexual orientation
2. Metro's LGBT Hate Crime Support Service is funded through the Ministry of Justice's Victim and Witness General Fund and supports victims of LGBT hate crime throughout South London. It is also funded by LB Lewisham for its services to Lewisham residents.
3. Metro promotes equality and provides health, community and youth services across London and Kent. It has been providing services in Greenwich since 1983 and now also has sites in Vauxhall and Woolwich working across a number of London boroughs and in Kent and Medway.



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David - Counselling

Outstanding people. Outstanding service. Outstanding counselling. Truly something that has allowed me to turn my life around.

Kwasi - Mentoring

During the 6 month programme, I developed a close relationship with my mentor. Knowing that I would have to talk to him honestly about what I did in the previous 2 weeks somehow forced me to be safe every time I had an encounter.

Michael - Counselling

I gained a huge amount of help from the counselling service and would like to thank the service for offering so much support.

Simon - Mentoring

By discussing things at such an intimate level with my mentor, I really came face to face with some of the reasons why I was taking chances before.

Ebere - First Point

I wish this service was around when I was newly diagnosed. I felt my world had fallen apart around me and I didn't know which way to turn for support. You are offering a very valuable service.

Joe - Mentoring

The programme had such an impact on my life that I decided to come on board as a volunteer mentor!

Peter- First Point

I felt so relieved to have a named First Point worker who I can call if I need to be referred to a particular service.

Sarah - Counselling

The help and understanding I experienced from everyone I came into contact with whilst using the Metroís services was amazing.

Joan - First Point

Thank you so much for taking time to listen to me and truly understand how I am feeling. This is the only appointment I've had regarding HIV that didnít feel rushed.

Abimbola- First Point

It has been a long time since I felt that someone actually listened to me.

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